27 May 2010

Carried Away

(Jacket,Dress: UO/Shoes: Betsey Johnson)

Yesterday was the midnight premiere of Sex and the City 2! A large group of my friends and I decided to meet for dinner and drinks (cosmopolitans of course) before heading to the movie. I urged them all to dress up and I must say we looked like a very fancy bunch at the italian restaurant. The theater was packed with girls in dresses, pearls, stilettos, and even crazy headpieces. It was nice to see how much everyone appreciates the legacy that is Sex and the City. I wore a giant flower on my jacket/dress as an homage to Ms. Bradshaw (or shall I say Mrs. Preston?). The leopard shoes I chose to wear are adorned with rhinestones and are just a little loud, which is exactly why I wore them. I've had them since senior prom! (five years ago!) This is the second time I've worn them. Isn't it the best feeling when you walk past a group of ladies and hear them whispering nice things about your outfit? It makes me smile.

While I refuse to review the movie (I don't wanna spoil a thing). I must say there was plenty of eye candy. When I say eye candy, I mean beautiful looking men; both young and old, and clothes that are out of this world. Pat Field definitely out did herself. I urge you to go see the film, if only for the stunning visuals or strong appreciation of anything Sex and the City related.



  1. I honestly cannot wait to go see this with my girls! :) We're all dressing up too, so it's gonna be a really good night :)

    your outfit is beautiful! and that flower so reminds me of Ms Bradshaw's white dress in the first movie (My favourite dress ever worn by her) :)



  2. That dress looks great on you! I love the coloring.

    I'm so excited to go see that movie this week!!! I've been waiting for it since I heard it was coming out!

  3. beautiful dress ,
    and it looks great on you !
    i'm on blog walking ,,

    wanna visit mine ?

  4. I'm looking forward to attending the movie...I'm just trying to hold off until the crowds die down...but I absoutely love your dress and how you paired it with the blazer!....rhinestone shoes----adorable! great post...definitely following :)

  5. so romantic, i love the light apricot champagne tone, it looks beautiful on you. and yes yes, cant wait to be carried away either! x


  6. fab blog x


  7. This dress is so awesome!! I love your blog, definitely a follower now!!