24 May 2010

Cinnamon Girl

(Shirt,Shorts: Urban Outfitters/Vest: Thrifted/Shoes:??/Knee-highs: Tar-jay/Jewlery:F21/Sunnies:Ray-Ban)

I finally finally bought some knee highs! I’m in love.
I’ve had this men’s paisley shirt for quite some time and I finally got around to wearing it. The fabric is extremely thin and light. Perfect for those breezy summer days. The shoes are probably the highest shoes I own in terms of heels. I love them. Walking in them is an art, I must say. An art I have conquered!

As you can see I love crochet. This vest was another thrifty find and I’ve had forEVER. It goes with anything.


Also, I was recently emailed by Chelsea from Lookville.com and invited to become part of their fashion community! It's invitation only, but I urge you all to check it out.

And thank you so much for the lovely comments! Having a fashion blog has always been an aspiration of mine. Knowing I've got some followers is quite encouraging. :)


  1. Your outfit is adorable!


  2. hello girl! i found your blog through chictopia :)..... I have that same f21 ring with the turquoise stones! I LOVE IT! its my absolute fave right now, and it looks great on you :)

  3. i love this!! you outfit is so hippie chic. the heels are amazing!(droool)
    many points on the thigh highs. you pull them off very well.

  4. adorable! love your waistcoat and rings! :)



  5. I am absolutely in love with this outfit, you really suit the knee highs with the paisley shirt and vest. Also, you are completely rocking those sky-high heels!

    I am so jealous of your figure :)
    Love your blog, as always!

  6. As if you got those shoes at a thriftstore! I simply love them. I'm jealous!