23 June 2010

Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

(thrifted shirt/silence+noise hi-rise jeans/Vintage thrifted Perry Ellis lace ups/Ray-Ban wayfarers)

I found an amazing amount of cute vintage and/or thrifted tanks at the thrift store this week! The materials are all very chiffon/silk-like. Great breezy fabrics to have for summer. I've really been into oversized blouses and tops lately, perhaps it's due to the unbearable heat creeping higher and higher every day that passes.

Work has been crowding my schedule lately, but I am highly anticipating the number on the paycheck (ie the amount)! If it's a pretty hefty paycheck then perhaps a little indulging will take place...I've been eyeing a few handbags lately. However, I also have the opportunity to get my hair done by a good friend of mine and it's something I've been wanting to do for a while which could get costly. Decisions, decisions!

Anyway, the sooner summer is over the better. I'm not saying this because I hate summer, in fact it's one of my favorite times of year! But summer is getting old and boring super fast. I miss the early mornings of fall and the way the air feels crisp and fresh. I miss the stress and tension of due dates and deadlines (believe it or not). I mostly just miss having something to do, perhaps I need another hobby. 



  1. I know what you're on about regarding the stress and tension! I'm on a break from college work at the moment, and I'm getting so bored because I have no artwork deadline! :)

    love your outfit, you look beautiful :)


  2. I originally made the connection between your blog and 500 Days, but wasn't sure whether that was the intention!

    This outfit has to be one of my favourites of yours, as the high-waisted jeans with the colourful, cropped AND tied chiffon/silk is such a beautiful combination. I also like the casual vintage lace-ups a lot. All complete with a pair of Ray Bans and that sick tattoo.

    You are one cool lady, Ashley.

  3. i really like this outfit && the 1st pic is my fav