28 July 2010

Just Like Heaven

(Thrifted Lucite shoes and Silk blouse/Shorts and bowtie from UO)

Since becoming obsessed with thrifting, I have often come upon treasure troves of oversized silk shirts. PERFECT for summer. They are so light and breezy and I find myself enjoying them more and more. Another thing, I hardly EVER wear pink but this shade is so so so light that I feel so feminine in it but not too overly girly. I love it.
The green bow tie “necklace” is such a fun accessory that I couldn’t resist pairing it with this baby pink. And ahhhh, the lucite shoes! I am in LOVE with them. I’m not used to the absence of a platform so it’s a little steeper than usual but I can’t resist the ever so light “stripper” reference. A nice contrast to the flouncy silk blouse and bowtie.


  1. I put up a picture of one of my friends in the UO bowtie necklace, they are so cute!

  2. lovely look. I love the shorts and the blouse.xx


  3. You are too cute. I like all your chiffon.