02 July 2010

Summer in the City

When summer arrives, most anticipate the freedom and the activities that coexist with the season. What a lot of us don't look forward to is the heat, but because it's so warm (or overbearingly hot) it calls for lighter fabrics, brighter colors, and smaller clothes. Of course, the clothes don't HAVE to be teeny tiny, but you'll find that is what I, myself, prefer. It's much easier to move around in the pestering high temps if there are hardly any clothes in the way. And the more loose fitting a blouse is, the better...no one likes to feel like they're sticking to their outfits (literally).

Fall and Winter induce a much darker palette (naturally), and I follow that to a "T" honestly, Summer allows much more freedom in which hues I choose to wear.

Above is a collage I made on Polyvore, I love making them! So I thought I'd share with you some of my summer faves.

ALL of the tops and shorts hail from Topshop, and the blouses are priced at $24 while the shorts are a little higher at $60. The straw fedora is from Net-a-Porter and is by Melissa Odabash for $130, it's important to own one of these babies to shield your face from direct sunlight. Of course, I believe a neutral shoe is also important as it compliments any outfit and doesn't overpower the bright color palette of the outfit. The first pair is from Piperlime and is by Bettye Muller for $130. The other pair is a set of neutral clogs by Swedish Hasbeens, these can be purchased at numerous stores (online) and usually goes for about $200. The necklace is vintage Chanel and can be bought from Asos for a hefty pricetag. The ring is by Yves Saint Laurent and is perfect for any ensemble, it's $195 and can be purchased from Net-a-Porter as well. Lastly are the nail polishes, I am virtually OBSESSED with mint green, from clothing to shoes to nail polish...it just calls out to me. Another really great color is the bright red, perfection! They can be found on American Apparel among a various array of great colors for $6.

Hope everyone has a GREAT 4th of July!


  1. this is a great set! ive been eyeing those Swedish Hasbeens too, but im trying to wait for a sale:)