26 September 2010

Simple Daze

(Thrifted sweater top, Silence + Noise cargo skinnies, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, vintage leather belt)

I apologize for the lack of posts!! I can't believe it's been over a month. School and work has swallowed up SO MUCH time, and then once I'm home from school all I want to do is nap and then it's too late to take photos which is just unnacceptable.
The weather has been totally unpredictable lately. In the past month it has been breezy, cool, overcast, humid, and unbearably hot. I got inspired for a little while when the weather decided to drop down to high 70's and low 80's. However, now it's spiking back up to the 100's. This heat is relentless.
I wore this outfit on one of the nicer, cooler days. I picked up the sweater at my favorite local GoodWill which is conveniently located by my house. It's so soft and the perfect fit with just a little bit of a cropped feel.  The cargo's are a new addition to my wardrobe and I LOVE THEM. So cozy and a great alternative to the denim I wear constantly.
I'm starting to notice that I'm not very much of a girly girl. I can pick up and buy skirts and dresses but they end up sitting in my closet for a long period of time until that special moment when I feel like looking feminine. I don't know, just a phase perhaps?

I promise to update more soon!



  1. you and i both! i feel like shorter days are totally taking away from blogging... but i'm so glad you found the time! love this outfit too, looks comfortable.


  2. I miss it TOOOOOO. School and shit just piles up so fast. :(
    But I'm making it a goal to start posting again once school's over.