21 September 2011

Army Brat

(Open knit sweater: thrifted/Tank, shorts, and tights: f21/boots: Target *online)

I'm telling you, having two jobs is amazing when you get paid but other than that it is a time stealer. It is a horrible thief that takes all the free time I have! That is why my attempt at routine blogging is a little inadequate but here I am nonetheless.

Don't you just love those days where you just throw on an outfit without even thinking about it or planning it out in your head while you're showering? This was one of those days. I also know it was a great outfit choice when my visual merch manager complimented me because he can be tough to please. I had a great day with this particular outfit. And those tights, don't even get me started. I get a ridiculous amount of cat calls when I wear them which is the only downfall but the illusion of sluttiness they present makes me happy. I'm also kind of in love with open knit sweaters and will probably continue to wear them throughout winter no matter how much icy wind blows through them.


  1. Love your look, this sweater and tights are awesome!
    I follow you

  2. So cute Ashley! I didn't think camo could look so good.

  3. hey there! awesome outfit, looks exactly like something i would throw on too! i love those days when random things come together nicely :) and those tights are killer, i have a pair that gets quite a few looks as well, hehe. love your style!

    Beneath the Glass

  4. Open knit sweaters are great for layering, although I can relate to being able to feel the cold air rush in between the threads!

  5. you've got the look. just found your blog and love your style - now following!

    xxx Selena Cruz