29 April 2010

Barbie Shorts

This blog was originally a daily diary of my break-up process, but then it came to my attention that I don't think anyone else would like to read about one's wallows and woes. So I'm changing it up. I've wanted to create a blog about fashion for the longest time and now I am doing so.

Anyway, not my best angle as you may notice. However, I've been waiting quite patiently for months upon months to don these little shorts. They are high-waisted and bright pink; I'm also pretty positive that they are children's shorts but they fit me like a glove. I bought them in Berkeley last september at a thrift store whose name currently escapes me. They were quite the steal though and I'm glad to have them hanging in my closet.

The Black BDG jacket is also quite the staple. I just purchased it a week ago and am already quite certain that it will be put to much use. Only ten dollars! I love good finds.

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