06 May 2010

City and Color

Sorry for lack of posting! I've had a terrible cold these past few days, and it just seems to be getting worse.

Anyway, I've really been loving the multicolored trends going on as of lately. The frothy hues, and the technicolor prints are perfectly fitting for spring and summer! I've been trying my hardest to stay away from dark colors and knits but it's so hard. I gravitate to it.

So for this upcoming season, I vow to get my hands on some watercolor prints, and pastel hues! Also, I wouldn't mind finding some good floral print shorts, they seem hard to come by.

(Fit to Be Tied Romper via Nastygal.com)

(Impressionism Floral Romper via Nastygal.com)

(Technicolor Dream Dress via Nastygal.com)

Also, these Aldo wedge shoes have been calling to me. I just can't seem to bring myself to pay that much for shoes!


  1. lovely blog!

  2. tell me about it! i've been looking for floral shorts since last summer and no luck!! i don't want to pay more than $5. that's prolly why.

  3. @Brit Thank you!

    @ Isis: I know! I need to go thrifting BAD. Haven't been in a long long time but I hate going alone!

  4. I love the multicoloured trend too. It is so vibrant and happy.