03 May 2010

I Think UR A Contra

(Blouse:Sparkle&Fade UO/Skirt:Vintage/Shoes:Seychelles/Belt:Vintage)

 May is finally here! You know what that meansss, summer is just around the corner! Summer to me means late nights, mexican popsicles, margaritas galore, long days at work, and lazy days sleeping in. The only negative thing about Summer is the almost unbearable heat. Living in the Central Valley has it's perks but the temperature is all over the place. Last week, it was hot and then windy and then rainy! Hopefully the weather will start to gain some consistency now that May has arrived.

 Lately, I've been watching quite a bit of television which is something I hardly do. I've been trying to keep up with The City on MTV. My sole purpose for watching that show is to see what Whitney Port wears. I've never ever been a fan, but in all honesty, she's got some cute style. I enjoy it. I just wish I had that hair!


  1. I really love the acid wash skirt with the simple colours from the top, belt and shoes. Also, those shoes are amazing, I've seen them before and instinctively knew that they were Seychelles!
    You also have such gorgeous hair :)

    I completely agree, Whitney Port has some really kitschy and cute outfits, she pulls them off really well.

    Chloe X

  2. yeah, whitney was the only reason i ever watched the hills. haven't seen the city tho.
    i remember when you got that skirt! you finally wore it!!

  3. This is my absolute favorite, the skirt is such a great vintage catch... And the shoes are just to die for!

    Thanks a lot for reading:) xoxo, Anna

  4. lol I can't stop commenting on your posts!

    I love Vampire Weekend! I Think UR A Contra is such a soothing song and a great one to end the album.

    The acid wash vintage skirt looks great especially with the tweed belt! I love the shape of those wedges too.

    Keep up the good stuff! I'm definitely looking forward to see more posts :D