21 May 2010


(Blouse: thrifted/Skirt: BDG-UO/Shoes: Seychelles)

A few days ago, I was watching Gossip Girl. It was the season finale and at the end of the episode, Leighton Meester’s character Blair was wearing a red pencil skirt. It looked absolutely lovely, and then I remembered I had a red pencil skirt of my own. This was the outcome of that inspiration and I couldn’t be more pleased!
As you can see, my doggies wanted to be in on the fashion blogging. They're such cuties.

(image courtesy of: gossipgirlshow.com)

As can be seen throughout the entire Gossip Girl series, Leighton's character Blair Waldorf has an impeccable fashion sense that is strictly uptown. Definitely good inspiration for those days that call for sophistication and elegance with a certain quirk.


  1. What beautiful red! Nice combination, i really like... :)

  2. stunning! your skirt love fab :)

    hope yo can check my blog out,



  3. your hair looks amazing! and you outfit of course♥

  4. love the inspiration for this! can you believe the ending of that episode?!? ahh! cant wait for next season. love your blog! see you on chictopia

    kailee from whatyoushouldhaveworn.blogspot.com

  5. Super cute look. I just discovered your blog through your Lookville account, and I'm glad I did because this post just might be the inspiration for my outfit tomorrow!