20 May 2010

It's on with Alexa

(all images courtesy of respected owners)

Ahhh, Alexa. I don't even know where to start. Ms. Chung's style has had me in awe for the past year and I simply cannot get enough. Her effortless ensembles keep me hooked, and the androgyny is divine. I envy Alexa's ability to dress with ease, and did I mention her amazingly long legs? They are super slender like mine and I love that I can relate. Her shoe collection is a whole other story entirely. When she used to have her talk show on MTV, I made absolutely sure I woke up in time to watch her and see what she would wear. I can't even begin to describe the inspiration I draw from this lovely lady.

I'm definitely going to have to do an Alexa inspired outfit post.

Who are your muses?


  1. She has such a great style

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  2. thanks ashley! alexa makes me droool.

  3. Alexa is very very cool and I also like Sinna Miller :)

  4. love her style, very cool!

    im following you, you2?


  5. I'm obsessed with her! I love this girl so much - and quite jealous that she got scouted at her most scruffiest - at a festival!

    love your blog - these photogrpahs are amazing :)



  6. Alexa is definitely a fashion icon of mine.. she is gorgeous with such a laid back chic style