11 May 2010

Zac Posen

The day before Mother's day I did some "errand-running". Now, my sole mission was to find something for my amazing and loving mother and my first stop happened to be Target. Let me just say, I LOVE TARGET. No really, I absolutely can't get enough. Plus, I get the benefit of also shopping in the little girls section because of my immense petiteness.

Anyways, here I am walking into Target when low and behold, I cannot believe my eyes. Zac Posen for Target!! I had searched everywhere for this line in other Targets around town and couldn't find it...until that day. I was elated. I immediately ravaged through the racks looking for anything in my size. I grabbed as much as I could and came out with two pieces.

I got both of these for eighty dollars! Such a great deal. I've never been a fan of polka dots, but that dress fit like a glove and is so well made I had to have it. It makes me full ultra girly, I'm trying to think of ways to tone it down; any ideas?

The swimsuit, oh that swimsuit. It makes me feel like Katy Perry, which is always a good thing. Very flattering. I'd say, get yourselves to Target before the line is sold out!

And in case you're wondering, I did find some lovely gifts for my mum. She was very satisfied. Hope you all had a lovely mother's day as well!


  1. Oh I like your choices! I wanted the black pants but my size was too short on me, whaaat? and the next size up I looked funny. too baggy. Anyways, wear some chunky boots or something with the dress - super cute. And I think you can/should wear that swimsuit as a body suit too! With some skinny jeans and a blazer? fab.
    (I, too, LOVE target!)

  2. Aww, pant length is such a fickle thing. Bummer! But yes, I had the same idea about the swimsuit! I'm definitely pairing it with some jeans, preferably highwaisted! :) (i need to find some chunky boots for that dress, i haven't been thrifting in so long)

  3. cant wait to see you wear your new goodies♥