16 June 2010

Hello Sunshine

(Vintage thrifted vest/Deena&Ozzy patent leather lace-up wedges/yellow Forever 21 shorties/Acid wash Ecote Shirt)

One of my favorite comfy tops, with my new yellow shorts, and a vintage vest. This vest is a treasure in itself. Embellished with sequins, pearls and other baubles; it's hard not to catch the eye of a passer-by! Even my nana commented on it! (of course, haha). The patent wedges are the perfect height and easily wearable with many things. Such a summer-y outfit.

I finally received my gifts from Taylor Jacobson and Everyday Minerals today! Does anyone else think that receiving items from the internet is exciting?! Or is that just me? The sound of the Fedex/UPS truck pulling up, the ring of the doorbell, the ripping of fresh cardboard, the final product. It's divine!



  1. theres nothing better than waking up to a package. I have that same Ecote shirt but I always have a hard time wearing it with out showing my bra. it is interesting & cute though!

  2. I love the yellow shorts with the patent wedges and vest: a perfect ensemble for time in the sun! I know I can't really see it here, but in previous posts, I've always found your tattoo very intriguing, what is it of and could you possibly post a bigger picture up? It looks really interesting!

    Loving the blog, as always!
    Chloe xxx

  3. I love that song (in your title)
    and great outfit, love!! :)


  4. i really love this whole outfit

  5. love your yellow shorts, so cute.
    i love getting packages!! its so exciting waiting in anticipation and then it finally gets there and you can enjoy it♥

  6. This outfit is really cute!
    Cara from IFB

  7. I wouldn't have guessed that it was Joy Division, I like their music a lot, too! I think that it's such a wonderful concept and makes such a bold statement, really looking forward to a close-up!

    Thanks for replying and great blog, as per usual!
    Chloe xxx

  8. that is a gorgeous look!