14 June 2010

Rolling in on a Burning Tire

(Urban Outfitters fedora, Forever 21 shirt&shorts, Shoes are also F21, Target knee highs, and various rings)

Last week's outfit post that I'm barely getting around to posting on the blog. I worked SOOO much the past couple days, so I've been busy busy! Paycheck will be highly anticipated. Hhaah.
Also I'm pleased to announce that yours truly won a giveaway on Going West!!! The site is run by Jennie, her style and blog are absolutely wonderful. Her site is a must read. Last week she did a giveaway for the Erin Wasson x Lowluv jewlery collection; specifically for the scarab ring and I happened to be the lucky winner. I couldn't be more pleased!

can't wait for it to arrive.



  1. winning stuff rocks!! so does that ring♥ i love Egyptian stuff.

  2. cool blog, like this very much !!! and the outfit is lovely too! and i really love the ring, absolutely lovely !! xxxoxxo

  3. your style is truly adorable<3. I love the softness of your look, even while wearing black. Truly a style all her own!

    Came across your blog via IFB! Great job, new follower.

    Christina, IFB Moderator