01 June 2010

Lazy "Daze"

1. a plethora of thrifted, vintage, and/or brand name bags of all shapes and sizes.
2. My dresser, also known as the place I put anything and everything. It is also the home of my jewlery box.
3. an amazing (and cheap) pastel pink color nail polish I borrowed from my best friend.
4. My bulletin/inspiration board. As you can see it's not quite filled up. But there is a cupcake drawing tacked up that was drawn by a good friend of mine. (you can visit her blog at http://www.novella-vintage.blogspot.com/). I'm also a big fan of Katy Perry and Megan Fox. Don't ask me why, it's not easy to explain. I personally adore the photoshoots they both did for Nylon Magazine.
5. My cat Ziggy Milo. (love love love.) My other cat Gizmo was hiding somewhere. My Cynthia Vincent x Target wedges are spotted in two of the photos above! haha.
6. Lastly, my sleeping quarters. I have been searching for an iron headboard for THE longest time, and I finally found one I love. I have yet to wrap blue xmas lights around it but I plan to. And the poster above is something I've recently acquired and LOVE.

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts, I've been feeling under the weather. Promise to post one in the next few days. As for now, you've gotten a small taste of what my living quarters are like.

Hope you all had a great three-day weekend!



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  2. Love your blog!! And your nail polish colour is gorgeous :)