02 June 2010

Seeded Watermelon

(Forever 21 blouse&rings, Steve Madden boots, Levi's shorts, UO bib necklace)

Well, it sure has been a while! I've had a horrible sore throat and achy body which has prevented me from having any sort of motivation for photos. I've also been working a lot, which will pay off when I see the paycheck!

Anyway, this top makes me feel like a watermelon...in a good way. It's so bright and the fabric is light so I feel comfy in it. The shoes were quite the bargain. I got them on sale for $70! They are orginially priced at $120. I love a good sale.

I wish I were brave enough to venture outside of my backyard for photos, but I feel so awkward when a passer-by ogles me and proceeds to give me an odd stare. So I keep it in the backyard. Either, I need to be braver or have more friends/a boyfriend around when so they can get the better angles. However, it's been about two months since I've had a boyfriend, so friends are all I rely on. Which is just fine with me.



  1. those boots are sooo cute! i was just at Nordstrom Rack this weekend and I saw them there... they look great with your shorts.

  2. love this outfit! your boots are seriously gorgeous! :)



  3. love the denim jacket and the shoes you are wearing. =D


  4. that color really looks good on you!! perfect summer outfit! :D

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