14 July 2010

Caravan Girl

(Ecote tie-dye blue jumpsuit/Black Target Shoes/Random vintage jewlery/UO necklace)

Yes, yes, I'm actually wearing a jumpsuit. I can't tell you how COMFORTABLE it is. Despite the heat it breathes really well and actually keeps me cool! The fabric is super soft as well.

Tomorrow I go back to work and I can't WAIT! I'm tired of lounging and being lazy. PLUS it's payday, so you know I'll be hittin up those thrift stores! Last time I went I found FIVE tops that were all %100 silk. So satisfied. I also found a pair of lucite heels, which I have been searching for FOREVER. (Wow, I'm using a lot of caps in this entry). All I'm saying is, spending hours at the thrift store is totally worth it. The hidden treasures that can be found or discovered is totally rewarding.  Especially because they're mostly one of a kind.


  1. ooh cool jumpsuit! i cannot believe you stay cool in that, though. i want to see those shoes! im dying for a lucite necklace.

  2. haha, i just got back from hitting up 4 thrift stores just now. i could live there.

  3. oh, just got your comment. i'll send you a message about it:(

  4. oooh, love your jumpsuit! Theres one similar to yours in AA which I've got my eyes one - it's a wee bit expensive though :(

    Have a good time thbrifting! I love going to thrift stores :)



  5. jumpsuits are the best.....they make everyone's legs look so long and they are so comfortable. Nice choice!

  6. Love the jumpsuit. You look adorable!

    xx Laura

  7. Wow!! You have such lovely hair!! I adore that jumpsuit and the color is so beautiful!! I wish there were thrift stores where I live! xxoxoxoo

  8. The jumpsuit is really adorable! and it does look like you were very comfy. If you ask me, that's the perfect combo for an outfit: being good looking & comfortable.