12 July 2010


(Forever 21 dress, Ripped Target Nylons, Thrifted denim vest, Vintage Perry Ellis shoes, Ray-ban Wayfarers)

It's been way too long since I last blogged. I apologize, life has been quite stagnant. Sigh. Summer days can be so lazy and unproductive. I've been soaking up my time off from work by stuffing my face with all sorts of food, laying around in my PJ's all day and watching endless episodes of Sex and the City. If I'm not heading to work, I find it quite difficult to have any desire to leave the house because of the stifling immense heat. Therefore, outfit posts are completely ignored. Ahh! Well, I took some time outta my sometimes hectic and sometimes lazy schedule to do an outfit post. I need to get back into the swing of things. So there.

Also, I've become slightly obsessed with Atlanta de Cadenet. Besides the fact that she's barely 18 and I'm nearly four years older than her...I still find her lifestyle and wardrobe to be quite inspiring.

See what I mean? Yeah.

Also, one of my readers requested a closer look at my arm tattoo which represents my favorite band Joy Division. It's the artwork from their album Unknown Pleasures.


  1. SHE is barely 18?!?! i've always thought she was 20 something... wow. crazy. makes me feel like shit. ha!

  2. LOVE your tattoo! It must have taken forever though, it's really intricate :) I love Joy Division...


  3. Atlanta de Cadenet... she's inspiring indeed, and so
    is your orange dress : D

  4. Ah, the tattoo! Wow, it's so intricate and elaborate. I love it and the whole concept behind it, I really like Joy Division too and I think that it's such a bold statement. Thanks so much for posting the photo!

    Also, absolutely loving the outfit as always. I love the denim with the orange from the cute dress and androgynous brogues. I know what you mean, when I'm not at school, I completely chill out to the point where I have no motivation, routine or consistency.

    Chloe xxx