31 July 2010

Chelsea Girls

(Vest, Boots, Blouse: all thrifted/Shorts: Levi's cutoffs from UO)

I've been on a total 60's & 70's kick lately. I CANNOT get enough. I don't really know what jumpstarted my obsession with these eras, but I'm liking it. Yup.

And so, the thrifting continues. <3

I'm also learning that I'm lacking in the jewlery department, so that will be one of my main focuses for the time being. However, funds will be limited. I just BARELY opened a savings account. I don't know what took me so long but I'm going to save like a madwoman! Los Angeles, I'm coming for you.

The lovely NICO


  1. love Nico and this outfit!...especially the boots

  2. adorable outfit. i always liked boots w/ shorts.

  3. Love the bohemian flair. Great boots and vest!


  4. your blog is awesome!! come follow me xoxo