05 August 2010


Yes, it's been QUITE a busy week for me! There will probably be an outfit post today or tomorrow.


1) Work is picking up, but now we close at 10pm. Torture! Getting out of Urban at midnight is not going to be good for my schedule once school starts, I can tell you that much!

2) I met Jackson Rathbone and saw him perform with his band 100 Monkeys. He's quite a southern gentlemen and veryyyy easy on the eyes.

3) I have a new coworker (among many) and it's none other than Kelly Shoestrings! Yayy.

4) I was featured on GAP.COM! Skinny Love

5) I drove to Visalia for the TIGI Rockaholic bus tour. I photographed everything for Renaissance Salon and spent the day with great company. (My ex-boyf was there too). The tour bus is a literal traveling salon. The inside is luxurious and really cool.

I'm pretty sure that's it. Well most of it. My summer has finally decided to kick-off and yet I start school in 11 days. Awesome. Haha.

Also, Drew Barrymore is featured on the August issue of Nylon. I loved her spread in the magazine. It's all about the denim which ties in with the Gap denim campaign I guess you could say!


  1. You met Jackson Rathbone???

    How wonderful!!!!!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  2. i love her! she has such a distinct personality and it shows in her personal style.