10 August 2010

A Lack of Color

(Thrifted blouse & boots/ LUX jeans from UO cut into shorts)

It’s been a while since I’ve updated. I’m afraid the heat is getting the best of me. I’m hardly ever inspired to wear more than short shorts and a tank (I feel as though I’ve said this before.) Maybe it’s just the fact that I’m dead broke or will be until Thursday. I haven’t thrifted in a week! That’s a long time for me. I’m going crazy!

Well, school starts on Monday and honestly I think it will be easier for me to update more consecutively because I won’t just be lounging around the house. I’ll be dressed every day and my classes let out early so there is just enough sunshine to get in a photo at least every other day!
I’m excited to exercise my brain. :)

When I came across these black lace up boots for $3, I HAD to have them. I have been searching for some boots like these for months and months. So thank you Salvation Army!

Recently the store I work for has been getting tons of Jeffrey Campbell shoes and Pour Le Victoire messenger bags! Ahhhhhh, I'm going to have to take advantage of my discount for these things!


  1. those boots are such a great find!

  2. haha, i have been searching for some boots like that too! i can never find my size thought! its so annoying to leave the perfect pair of shoes behind because they don't fit. oh well, ill keep looking. i like the attached scarf on the top too♥

  3. lovely outfit!! and great photos!! i cant believe those boots are only $3!! they're amazing!! great find :)

  4. Love that blouse so soft and feminine.

  5. you're gegeous and remind me of alexa chung!
    love the booties :D

  6. Great booties and please tell me your post title is from a Death Cab For Cutie song?!