27 December 2010

Winter Windows

{Gold Thrifted Blouse/Ruby Red BDG Skirt/Vera Wang tights/F21 Shoes}

Hello everyone!! How is everyone’s winter vacation going? Swell I hope. I wore this on Christmas with my family. Thankfully we were in a cozy, warm house! Otherwise a skirt and tights might not have been possible. I found these “Miu Miu” knockoffs at Forever 21, and although I do NOT condone creative theft…it was a nice substitute to what my wallet cannot afford. The red skirt always get compliments every time I wear it, the tights are old but a winter favorite…and like I’ve said countless times, thrifting is my passion so I get some pretty good finds like this blouse!

I hope everyone got what they hoped to receive for Christmas, I know I did! Actually, this Christmas was one of the best I've had in a while. And for the first time EVER, I've found a boyfriend who was willing to spend some time with ME on Christmas. Ladies and Gentlemen, that is RARE...and quite the keeper. Late that night, he took me to the movies. I've never gone out of the house on a holiday so it was nice to change things up. It was pouring rain, so this outfit went out the window once night hit. Went with the good ol' jeans and a t-shirt (long sleeved of course).

I'm so ready for 2011 though. Time to focus on my MAJOR and finish up my education here so I can move on to bigger and better things/cities!



  1. Love the look. I am not ashamed that my most recent F21 boots look eerily similar to a pair of Jeffrey Campbells. Anyone who sees them in person can tell the difference immediately. I still love them... and I love yours too.

  2. I'm so happy to hear your holiday was good:) I got some Miu Miu knockoffs myself that I'm only half ashamed of. They have kitties on them!

  3. love the shoes


  4. I saw those shoes on Forever 21's website & I immediately fell in love with them! Your outfit is perfect, lovely blog!!


  5. Raaawwwr! That's my your-shoes-are-freakin'-incredible noise.


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