30 May 2011

About Time


       It has been way too long since I've updated this blog but I've decided to come back to it. I've been struggling and having problems trying to figure out how to best define who I am and what I wear. I feel like I should have a solid outlook on my style and yet I found myself dilly-dallying around with different types of fashion and clothing. However now, I've realized that is just what my style is...a melting pot of different styles, trends, and classic pieces that I somehow manage to mix together and love. So there you have it. School is out, I'm on the hunt for new jobs so I can move south, and I'm more than ready to jump back into the blogging world. A HUGE apology to my followers, I will fail you no longer!

A little inspiration to get things going anyone?

(studded hearts)


She is perfect, just perfect.

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