24 June 2011

Smells Like Summer

(Thrifted belt and blouse, Forever 21 shorts, Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges, random jewlery)

After many months of departure, I have returned! It seems my posts have become habitually seasonal and mostly revolve around my favorite time of the year: Summer. :)
I feel as though summer loosens the limits society has on style and fashion and what’s acceptable without coming off as promiscuous or, for lack of a better term, slutty.

I find that I am most comfortable in a pair of short shorts, some heels/wedges, and a loose top. Accessories come and go but shorts are THE summer staple, espcially when you live in Fresno, CA where temperatures sky rocket to 110 degrees.
The shorts have leather fringe on the sides which instantly caught my eye and jumpstarted my romantic relationship with leather, fringe, or anything that combines the two. (hahah) The blouse is one of many thrifted finds, as well as the belt and the wedges have become a trustworthy pair of shoes over the year.



  1. those shorts are AMAZING, can't believe they're forever 21! super cute summer outfit.

  2. cute freaking pants!!!!

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  3. gahhhh! i love your shorts! especially the leather fringes on the sides! love love love! i'm following your blog now :) it's absolutly FABULOUS :D
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    - missshesaid.blogspot.com <3

  4. Love your top! It's so bright and compliments your lipstick. Awesome blog!