28 October 2011

Ode to Summer

(Hat: Urban Outfitters, Shorts: Forever 21, Crop Top and Boots: thrifted, jewlery: everywhere)

Just a quick post before my second team lead interview!! Summer is pretty much at it's end and I'm starting to feel the cool breeze of fall beginning to make it's way through the clouds. This summer was quite a transitional one for me. Lot of ups and downs but my love for fashion and all things Ashley never faltered. Last summer I drooled over 70's era attire and this year I've migrated to grungey, thrifted, vintage, pop music-ish inspired style...if that makes sense. I am an avid thrift store shopper and since then my closet has tripled.
In other exciting news, I'm moving into my first apartment in 4 days! I am beyond excited seeing as the closet takes up an entire wall of the master bedroom. So excited. My living room is pretty much black...with red. I went a little gothic with all the skull decor I've invested in since then. I can't begin to tell you how content and stoked I am to see it all come together. And this also means new photo blog locations! Exciting. No more front/back yard photos. Does this count as a blogger promotion? hmm.

Also, these red shorts aren't going anywhere. They will still have a place in my winter/fall wardrobe. One word: TIGHTS and BOOTS...okay that was two words.

ALSO!! visit my tumblr and take a gander (yeah, i really just said gander...)


  1. You look great, love the jewellery

  2. Congrats on the new apartment, that is really exciting. Enjoy decorating! I have the same turquoise ring, love the shape and color!

  3. loving all the jewels and coloured shorts!


  4. babe i swear we'd make awesome buddies. i LOVE black, red and skulls (congrats on the place too, can't wait to see pics!). I'm also totally into 70's boho right now, as well as grungy, vintage, thrifted, etc. Actually I've always been into them, but even more so now that it's getting colder. I've gotten some really awesome vintage pieces, as well as some great ones from F21!

    happy friday!

    Beneath the Glass

  5. um yeah, just visited your tumblr (which I was already following) and noticed we even have the same theme. great minds def. think alike!

  6. Love your tee!
    Follow each other? :)


  7. love your style, and the misfits video you posted. hell yeah sister.



  8. love this look, that necklace is awesome! congrats on your first apartment, i bet it will look amazing :)

    Crystal Hearts Vintage