04 May 2012

Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair

(Zac Posen x Target swimsuit, Levi's destroyed shorts, way cool awesome flower headband from some random place)

I can't tell you how excited I was when a heatwave spread throughout the valley. Last weekend it was 95 degrees. 95 DEGREES IN APRIL. Most people complain of sweating, melting, and possibly smelling like a sweaty human. I LOVE ALL OF IT. When it's winter time, my bones shake and rattle because of my constant shivering. I was not meant for winter, although I love the atmosphere, I just cannot handle the icy weather.

I cheated and used my swimsuit as a top. These photos don't do it justice, it's actually a dirty gold metallic kinda color. Super awesomeness.

ALSO! Jessica from Fashion Me A Smile did a drawing of me as well as an interview along with a handful of other bloggers in March. I must be honest, I completely forgot until now! THANK YOU SO MUCH JESSICA. Sorry for being a late dweeb!

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  1. This is very Lana del Rey-esque to me. Perfect. And so is the drawing, lady!